Teach your kids how to edit images with this artistic software available in 3D

KidPix 3D is a painting and animation program specially designed for children, with which they will be able to learn to edit images and videos in 3D in a fun and creative way.

KidPix 3D for Windows includes a large gallery of objects, animations and scenes that can be used freely in any project. Its collection of multilayer 3D backgrounds will let you experiment with hiding objects behind other items on the scene. Besides, you’ll encounter a large number of animated 3D objects that you can use anywhere in your scene.

KidPix 3D Deluxe will let you animate your own objects, determining a path along which they should move and specifying their behavior, such as the possibility of looping. Besides, it will let you insert your own stories, with a large number of frames and disguises in which you can insert your own face.

But one of KidPix 3D’s best features is its large number of tools to paint and draw with different textures and effects. You’ll have brushes, markers, paints and even crayons with textured backgrounds, as well as stickers and aerosols of 3D elements, which you’ll be able to add to any scene or background.

For more complex animations you’ll have a “flickbook” option with which you’ll just have to press a button to create a slide as you draw and move elements over the scene. Once you are finished, you just have to select a button for playback, and you’ll see the animation before your eyes.

This application is complete, fun and easy to use. It will help small children fully exploit their creativity, while learning to work with 3D pictures and animations. What are you waiting for to download KidPix 3D for free?

• Very didactic
• Large number of drawing tools
• Nice and creative animations
• Large object gallery

• Nothing to report

KidPix 3D limitations:
• Restricted features
• Limited time use

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Type Shareware

Version 2.1.2

Size 1.99 GB

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