Kik Messenger


Enjoy fun, fast and free messaging with fantastic Kik Messenger


  • Free messenger app
  • Intuitive layout
  • Jam-packed with entertaining features, meme creators etc
  • Ensures privacy


  • Only enables free text
  • Generally aimed a teenage Android users

Kik Messenger is an excellent and entertaining messenger app for Android which is bursting with extra features that make it stand out among its many competitors.

Kik Messenger offers users a free texting service all that is required to start your Kik conversations is an internet connection, 3G, 4G or Wifi.

As Kik Messenger is solely a texting service and doesn’t provide calling capabilities it works hard to provide a messenger service that is efficient and fast with more options. For example with Kik Messenger when a text is sent, delivered, read, or being typed you are notified. This way your conversations never comes screeching to a halt just because you aren´t sure if someone got your message or not. Everything about the app is super simple, too. The interface is very intuitive and easy to figure out, and isn’t even the slightest confusing.

This is an app that is aimed particularly at teenage Android users, although it isn’t exclusively so, the extra fun features make it more appealing to texters that revel in a social media universe of daft memes, viral videos etc. Kik Messenger allows you to maintain fluid and fun group conversations as well as the typical solo ones. By presenting you with options to search and upload trending videos, memes and pictures you can ensure that you are life and soul of all Kik chats!

Kik Messenger knows how important your privacy is. You have a Kik username which is what all of your contacts see, instead of your actual phone number. You can also connect with other social apps like Instagram, SocialCam, and Viddy and still not worry about people getting a hold of your personal information.

Download Kik Messenger free for Android and experience a fun, safe and speedy way to converse

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