Kundli Professional


Get accurate results with this astrology application


  • Intuitive interface
  • Complete database


  • Rudimentary look

Kundli Professional is an astrology application with which you can consult calculations and predictions with surprising results.

Once Kundli Professional is open, you’ll find two tabs with fields with data about different aspects of life, work, business, health, etc. The second tab is used for the program to calculate the information and to provide its results through an image.

The database included in Kundli Professional gets up to 20,000 and represents each of the most used horoscopes by astrologers: Gunadosh Vichar, Rahu Shodashvarga and Vimshotri Ashtakvarga, among others.

Finally, bear in mind that you’ll be able to export your results to the following images formats: PDF, JPG and BMP.

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Type Shareware

Version 5.0

Size 36.72 MB

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