Kyodai Mahjongg


Kyodai Mahjongg

Kyodai Mahjongg is a version of the classic oriental board game Mahjongg or Shanghai.

The objective of this relaxing and entertaining solitaire game is to eliminate all pieces from the board, combining pairs of equal pieces. The complication is that the pieces must have either their left or right sides free and may not have other pieces on top of them.

Kyodai Mahjongg creates a very relaxing atmosphere, with oriental music especially developed for the occasion. It also offers very attractive backgrounds and detailed game pieces.

Besides, Kyodai Mahjongg can be completely customized. You can choose from the music to the background or the pieces’ designs and colors. It even has the option to choose the 2D or 3D version of the game, to create an environment in which you feel comfortable.

This relaxing application includes various modes and small puzzles and minigames that you can complete at any moment. Besides, it lets you edit your own levels and choose between a large variety of configurations for the game pieces.

Kyodai Mahjongg also lets you challenge other players online or over a local network. Besides, it has a hall of fame in which you can see the highscores so that you can try to improve yourself.

In summary, Kyodai Mahjongg is both a relaxing and an entertaining game, ideal for a moment of leisure in the middle of the day.

• Relaxing soundtrack
• Attractive graphics and environment
• Online game
• Level editor

• Nothing to report

Kyodai Mahjongg limitations:
• Restricted features
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Type Shareware

Version 21.42

Size 5.56 MB

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