LEGO Marvel Super Heroes


Become the LEGO version of your favorite Marvel super hero in this PC platform game!

LEGO has been used to create tons of games lately, and most of them have been quite successful. The little plastic toys have been combined with Batman, Star Wars, and more to create fascinating games that have a charm like no other. Now it is time to create a new mixture of elements. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is a platform game for PC that combines the childhood toy with some of the most famous Marvel characters.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes starts by informing you that the Silver Surfer’s famous surfboard has been stolen and broken into tons of Cosmic Bricks. These Bricks are very powerful and, if they get into the wrong hands, can be used as a weapon. Upon finding this out, Nick Fury decides to assemble his team of crime fighters once again to get the job done. The team this time consists of Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Spider-man, Wolverine and more, all in their adorable LEGO forms. Each hero has their own set of skills that will come in handy throughout the game.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes will let you take your pick of controlling over 100 of Marvel’s famous characters. As mentioned earlier, the gameplay is based on collecting the Cosmic Bricks that have been scattered across the universe. Each hero can use their special abilities to help the team reach its goal and beat any villains they encounter. As with the other LEGO games, there is witty banter between heroes that makes the game a whole lot more enjoyable. For instance, Iron Man of course always has something to say about pretty much everything. While you wait for this game to be available for download, feel free to download a LEGO Marvel Super Heroes wallpaper with which to adorn your desktop.

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