Lightning Browser


Lightning Browser equals to a lightweight, robust and secure internet browsing experience.


  • Amazing audio & video quality
  • Realtime multimedia streaming
  • Developed by Twitter


  • It demands WiFi or excellent wireless data broadband

Lightning Browser is a web browser for Android. If you've never heard of it, it is because it is an independent development that seeks to provide an alternative to traditional browsers.

What does that mean exactly? On one hand, Lightning Browser allows you to choose the search engine you want (Google, Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo, etc.), it uses the WebKit rendering (which is Android native), and does not have those features that any Internet user has never used. This not only improves the visualization of any site, but also helps you navigate quickly. Lightning Browser also offers a new user experience by showing markers and menus on the sides, but only when you ask.

In short, Lightning Browser is like any other browser you have on your mobile, with the difference that is lightweight and more practical. If you think this will negatively affect your navigation, you will find quite the opposite: sites load faster, the application does not slow down and you can scroll through Internet like lightning, literally.

Orbot compatibility

A distinctive feature of Lightning Browser is its integration with Orbot, the Android version of the Tor anonymity system. Tor and Orbot are the basic tools for anyone who needs to surf the Internet anonymously.

Orbot is frequently used by among activists and people persecuted for political reasons. Beyond these implications, the fact is that it brings more security and privacy than normal networks, as it prevents inadvertent sharing of personal information we all Internet users can do, while preventing tracking. Lightning Browser fortunately seamlessly integrates with Orbot.

Download Lightning Browser now and discover an independent, fast and safe project to see the web on your phone.

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Type Freeware

Version 4.0.9a

Size 1.38 MB

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