LINE for Windows 8


Make free calls and send free Emoji messages with LINE for Windows 8!

Are you tired of having to pay phone bills for calling and texting so much? Now you can call and text free with no hassles, right from your PC! LINE for Windows 8 is a communications app that allows you to do all these things.

There are many things you can do with LINE for Windows 8. You can easily send Emoji messages, pictures, videos, voice messages, and also regular text messages from your PC, free. There is also a wide array of “stickers” that can be used in messages in order to spice things up a bit.

Of course free calls are also a huge plus with LINE for Windows 8. Call anyone, anywhere for free. There is support for various languages as well, such as English, Japanese, and Chinese. The interface has also been updated to be much easier to use. Download LINE for Windows 8 free for PC and stop paying those silly phone bills!

• Free Emoji, photo, video, and voice messages as well as text messages
• Support for many languages
• Free voice calls
• Fun “stickers” to add to messages

• May use up a lot of resources
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Type Freeware

Version Free

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