Little Inferno


Little Inferno is an amusing indie game with original plot twists


  • Original gameplay
  • Well-designed atmosphere
  • Original storyline
  • Excellent soundtrack


  • Some puzzles are very easy to resolve

Little Inferno is an indie game for PC, a kind of “sandbox” game with a simple but original premise. Your objective will be to burn different objects in a chimney to create combinations and discover new reactions.

When you start playing Little Inferno you’ll enter into a strange and dark world, with a very special sense of humor. The grisly atmosphere and the distinctive designs combine perfectly with the soundtrack and with the game’s satiric theme.

An odd present

In Little Inferno for PC you’ll play as the small main character who just received a “Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace” created by Tomorrow Corporation. With this new gift you’ll burn firewood, toys and all sorts of other objects, to keep hot in the city’s strange and freezing climate.

To achieve combos in Little Inferno you’ll have to mix different objects and melt things simultaneously. As you burn the items you will earn money, and with that money you’ll be able to choose new toys from the catalog, as well as to unlock new ones. You’ll also receive other items via mail. While you burn the different items, you’ll see explosions, smoke clouds, color flames, frozen items and even a potpourri of flowers, among other possibilities.

When you create new combos you’ll not only increase your Little Inferno collections, but also you’ll advance through the unique storyline. You’ll gradually discover the sinister and strange world that extends beyond the cold walls of your home, through the letters you receive from your little neighbor and other characters.

In summary, this is an original and engaging game with a unique atmosphere. Download Little Inferno and relax burning things and getting warm. And if you want to play a game with a similar environment, take a look at World of Goo.

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Type Paid Software

Version Steam

Size 2.7 MB

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