Little Snitch


Little Snitch: the program for Mac that get you away from bad companions


  • Controls the incoming and outgoing connections.
  • Defines profiles and connection rules easily.
  • A silent mode and automatic functions.


  • Although it is solved using rules and profiles, the excess of control sometimes ruins the working of some services.

Without a doubt, one of the main worries of the users is the security. What happens with your personal info? Who sees the information that is gathered on your computer? With Little Snitch you get a great way to avoid undesirable connections, as well as a viable way to know where, when and with whom your Mac connects.

Basically, the first we have to tell about Little Snitch is that this is a program to monitor your connections, but is more than that. Little Snitch is also a firewall that provides you tools to avoid your Mac of sharing data on websites, or to impede that other people connect to your computer from determined pages. If some web address seems suspicious for you, let Little Snitch to investigate it for you.

The good thing about Little Snitch is that counts with a great notifications system (non-invasive despite of what you may think) that allows you to manage each one of this attends independently. As nobody likes being all the time answering the notifications of a program, Little Snitch also counts with a useful tool to define rules and to create profiles, with which is possible to determine the performance of each connection without interrupting the usual tasks. But if this may result annoying for you, you can choose the ‘silent mode’ and you can define the rules when you want to pay attention to Little Snitch.

Visually, Little Snitch is stunning. You can check all the traffic on your Mac in minutes, by graphics very clear and accurate. Don’t miss the chance to know with who you connect really: download Little Snitch.

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Type Shareware

Version 3.7

Size 21.31 MB

Other versions

3.7 3.6.4 3.6.3