London 2012


London 2012

London 2012 is a sports game with which you’ll be able to experience all the excitement of the Olympics, from your computer.

London 2012: The Game

The world’s eyes are on the English capital and the excellent athletes that will show their skill in the Olympic events. An excellent way to enjoy all the competitions is to practice them yourself with London 2012: The Official Video Game.

This title includes over 30 Olympic disciplines that you’ll practice alone or with friends, in the multiplayer mode. The events in which you can participate include:
• Archery, individual and in teams
• Swimming, different styles
• Diving, from platform and springboard
• Gymnastics, springboard and horse with arches
• Shooting
• Various races
• Disc throwing
• High and long jumps
• Javelin throwing
• Canoe race
• Beach volley
• Cycling
• Rowing
• Table tennis
• Weightlifting

In many of these disciplines, you’ll be able to coordinate with a friend in cooperative mode and participate in synchronized diving and team sports. On the other hand, if you decide to play on your own, the career mode will let you follow an athlete while he trains and competes in a discipline.

Another interesting feature in London 2012 is the possibility to compete online against users from all over the world. This mode includes classification tables and a scoring system based on “national pride”, determined by the number of medals won. Over 30 countries are represented, and you can choose your favorite to win the largest number of medals and surpass the other players.

In summary, London 2012 is your chance to experience the excitement and adrenaline of the London Olympic Games in the first person. Choose your favorite country, train in all disciplines and take gold home, participating either alone or online.

While you wait to play this fantastic title, we offer you a video to learn more about the different events. Download it now!

• Over 30 sport events
• Cooperative playing
• Online competitions
• Large number of countries

• Action can be repetitive
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