Look After Your Stone


Look After Your Stone, the one pet that requires little care but provides endless love


  • Fun pet app
  • Attractive graphics


  • Can get a little boring!

Look After Your Stone is a ridiculous but fun application for your Android enabled device, this is a pet game that is very unique. With Look After Your Stone, you take care of your very own pet stone!

Are you the type of person that has had a string of bad luck with your pets? Perhaps you are someone with buckets of love to share but you don't want a four-legged creature destroying your settee and you squirm at the thoughts of cleaning out a fish tank? Well what if you could enjoy all the elements of joy that come with owning a pet without having to deal with the nitty gritty parts? If this sounds like something that'd tickle your fancy then you need to download Look After Your Stone!

This hilarious app gives you the responsibility of looking after your own precious rock. Presented with joyful and colorful graphics you can decide what type of lovable rock you'd like to adopt! Once the new extension to the family has been chosen it is up to you to give it a name.

Your rock is not just a wonderful pet that requires little or no effort to keep, it is also fond of fashion. It is up to you to dress your rock up appropriately, decide whether your rock is the stylish fashionista type, nerdy but chic character etc. As you can imagine, taking responsibility of a geological item is not always very challenging so if you require a bit more pet drama Pou is probably more along your lines!

By far the best part of Look After Your Stone is that your pet stone will never die! No matter how often you neglect it or dress it in something it doesn't like that rock will never kick up a fuss! So develop and explore your maternal/paternal side with Look After Your Stone.

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Type Freeware

Version 2.0.2

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