Lords & Knights


It's a great adventure set in the Dark Ages, a fantastic MMORPG


  • Excellent MMORPG strategy game
  • Develop your village and build your powerful army
  • Attack your enemies and defend your settlement
  • Research new technologies
  • Complete missions to get rewards
  • Amazing graphic design
  • Free

Strategy games are still an excellent way of entertainment. They began to expand their already classic versions for PC and then came the adaptation to mobile devices. Millions and millions of fans followed this path and today is very common to find people totally absorbed by determining what their next move to defeat the enemy will be. Well, this is also the case of Lords & Knights, a fantastic MMORPG that has been released for iPhone and iPad (iOS). It's a great adventure set in the Dark Ages, in which you must develop your village, build your army and complete missions to become the master of all known lands.

As soon as you download Lords & Knights on your iPhone you have to start from scratch. Your settlement is in ruins and you have to work hard to evolve. You must also obtain the resources needed to build and grow, and you have to administrate those resources wisely. Be sure to complete every mission that comes your way to the letter, in order to get the rewards. It is a fundamental part of Lords & Knights.

In addition, the library and the wise men are two of the most important pillars from this game, from them you will get valuable services and resources for your army and your community. Download now Lords & Knights and build the largest army ever known. Your courage will be tested deeply. Beware that it can be highly addictive.

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Type Freeware

Version 5.4.0

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