Love & Death: Bitten


Vampires, witches and divine Fate: a masterful hidden object gothic-themed adventure game


  • High quality graphics and detailed environments
  • Classic gothic tropes including vampires, witches and more
  • Atmospheric music and sound effects
  • Challenging hidden object puzzles
  • Goal-based gameplay
  • Collectible items including golden leaves
  • Hint button ensures you never get stuck


  • Voice acting is of poor quality for dialogue scenes

Love & Death: Bitten is a free hidden object adventure game for PC, developed by Play First Games, in which you must unravel the story behind a mortal girl's destiny in her dealings with vampires and other gothic creatures. The game is available here as a trial version only. The full version can be downloaded externally. 

Core Gameplay and Features

If you're a fan of gothic storytelling, then this game will definitely be worth a look. Enter the world of vampires, witches and spells and discover the truth behind the mysterious mortal girl. 

The game's story is divided into chapters, each dealing with a particular theme. I quite liked this feature, as it gave a degree of focus to the game and kept me interested in the story. In terms of an introductory narrative, we are told by a witch of an old castle in which a witch is keeping a vampire to do her bidding. It is revealed that a mortal girl may change everything, and this is where our story begins. 

If you've never played hidden object games before, the basic premise is simple. You are placed in a series of static environments and are tasked with finding a set of objects, from the ordinary to the downright obscure. Your objects list in this case is displayed in a horizontal bar at the bottom of your screen. Objects are normally quite well hidden and will take some time to find. Controls utilize a point-and-click interface to interact with objects. When you have found an object, it will either be used to solve a nearby puzzle, or will simple be removed from your list. 

If there are objects you are having trouble finding, the game also has a 'Hint' button. This works both for hidden objects and pending objectives. Clicking it will highlight an area of relevance for the player. In addition to finding objects on a list, once placed in your inventory you can also use these items to solve various kinds of puzzles. While playing as Damon, the vampire, for instance, many of his early challenges involve finding food and restoring his strength. While items in a room might seem fairly insignificant, hovering over them with your mouse will sometimes change the cursor to a magnifying glass, indicative of an interactive feature. This will allow you to either zoom further into an area or simply interact with something such as a door, window, or other object. If there is an object in your inventory you can use, simply drag and drop it on to a location and see what happens.

In addition to finding these objects, in the bottom right there is also a 'Goals' window which displays the most immediately relevant objectives related to the storyline. For the completionists, the game also has a collectible item, golden leaves, which are said to reveal secrets the Fates are reluctant to reveal once all 100 are collected. 

In addition to finding these objects, in the bottom right there is also a 'Goals' window which displays the most immediately relevant objectives related to the storyline

Gameplay remains dynamic throughout by switching between hidden object scenes and other puzzles which progress the narrative. These puzzles include matching objects, arranging objects, deciphering codes, colors and much more. This way gameplay never feels monotonous, and every object we find seems to progress the story in some way. 

Graphics, Visuals and Sound

One feature to point out at the outset is the dialogue and voice acting, which is fairly poor. Voices do not sound authentic and do not adequately reflect their emotional state. Despite this lack of realism, however, the atmospheric music,  graphics and overall visual quality of the game was excellent. Environments have great texturing and color, particular for the shadowy setting we are presented with. Characters and emotional expressions are also rendered quite well, animated in sets of still images. 

The Verdict

Love & Death: Bitten has enough unique features to make it stand out from other hidden object games, namely its emphasis on objective or goal-based gameplay, making finding objects a much more rewarding experience. The game also has excellent graphics, a fitting soundtrack, and a great variety of puzzles. Hints can be used if necessary, but if you're sharp enough solving the puzzles won't be an issue for you. Collectible items such as golden leaves are also an incentive to search areas well. All in all, it's a great hidden object game and is unique enough to keep newcomers and seasoned players interested. Well worth downloading. 

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