LowRider Extreme


Become king of the neighbourhood by racing other drivers in your fully customizable low riders


  • Fully customizable low riders, from tyres to paint colors to window tinting
  • Realistic racing mechanics
  • Intuitive controls and racing interface
  • Four unique locations to race in
  • 12 different types of low riders to choose from


  • Soundtrack is fairly dull and repetitive

LowRider Extreme is a free driving game for PC, developed by Play Publishing, in which you race low riders of various types against one another in several dedicated game modes. This is a demo version of the game, offering a limited play time. The full version can be found elsewhere.

Getting Started

LowRider Extreme is a typical racing game in every sense, emphasizing low riders over other vehicles. It does this in several ways. In addition to allowing you to use many different types of low riders, the garage also compares them according to various criteria, upgrade them and purchase new vehicles. This is the best place to start before jumping into a race. 

Visuals, Graphics and Sound

For racing games, as much as we enjoy the thrill of racing against and thrashing our opponents, part of the enjoyment also comes from the realism that the game offers. Graphically, the game passes the test here. Assuming you have a powerful gaming PC at your disposal, the game is rendered in full HD quality, with wonderfully detailed textures and colors. Roads, barriers, headlights, street lights, even the metallic paint on cars all shine brilliantly in this game. The only objects that were poorly represented were the buildings visible in the distance while driving. 

Sounds are far more realistic than a lot of other racers I have encountered, but are still somewhat lacking. Sound effects are limited to engine noise when moving, screeching tires when turning at speed, braking, and various sounds when crashing into obstacles. As with many games of this type, crashing into obstacles is not adequately represented. 

The music in the game is not that impressive, attempting to take off the likes of 'Pimp My Ride' and other such shows with its hip hop emphasis. While not an annoyance by any means, the theme when racing in particular does not add to the sense of urgency typically felt when racing against someone. 

Create Your Perfect Racing Machine

Low riders wouldn't be much fun without the ability to customize them. In this game, how you outfit your low rider is crucial when seeking victory on the roads. The game offers you a choice of 12 classic cars from Europe and the US, and various ways to tune them up, both cosmetically and mechanically in your Garage. Modify body color, window tinting, wheels, axles, headlights and countless other features to create your perfect car. Cars also have various statistics listed when you hover over them to allow you to make a more informed choice. Upgrading and customizing your car will require you to spend in-game currency, which can be earned for completing and winning races. Although some prices were less accessible, with time a player will earn more than enough money to buy whatever they want.

The game offers you a choice of 12 classic cars from Europe and the US, and various ways to tune them up, both cosmetically and mechanically in your Garage. 


Racing games rarely differ that drastically in their objectives, and this game is no different. At its core, it's a game focused on the excitement, skill and fun of racing low riders at intense speeds in a variety of different environments. Having chosen and kitted out your car, this is what you can dedicate yourself to. To further emphasize the competitive environment of night racing, races in the game are one on one. The game provides the choice of four different locations and multiple race modes, each providing opportunities to earn more money and respect. 

Before beginning a race, the "beat" is dropped on the scene and the two cars start revving up for action. A short cinematic displays the cars from various angles, showing off the impressive lighting effects of the paint on the body of the cars. This is the time to get psyched up, because once the screen fades, a countdown commences and the race is on.

The on-screen interface is fairly basic. When you begin a race, it will display steering graphics, a speedometer (kph or mph, depending on region), lap times and records, distance travelled and finally your current position. Controls are highly responsive and the turning mechanics appear to accurately emulate the weight and feel of a low rider.

During a race, the game's simple and intuitive controls come into play. In addition to steering and brakes, the game also has both a side view and rear view camera, offering you a different perspective on a potentially competitive race. In terms of pacing, the game rarely gets out of control. It can be a bit of a rat race at times trying to catch up with your opponent, which is the most fun part. Furthermore, since the emphasis is on the race itself, rather than demolishing your opponent's car, no crashing physics have been implemented into the game. As such, neither an opponent nor any other obstacle will be able to do any harm to your vehicle. While understandably from a gameplay point of view, it does take from the realism.

Once you have completed a race, the money you have earned as well as your respect will appear. This latter statistic determines what types of gear you can buy for your lowriders, and how you can upgrade them. You can then return to your garage and make further upgrades to your cars. 

The Verdict

Overall, LowRider Extreme provides an excellent gaming experience which lets users enjoy the thrill of night racing. With multiple game modes, locations and cars to choose from as well as a range of customization options, you'll have no shortage of things to do before hopping into a race. Races themselves feel incredibly smooth, with an intuitive control system and interface displaying all relevant information to you. The lack of damage physics in the game means that beating your opponent is all about how well you race, not about recklessly smashing into other vehicles like in Burnout, for example. The soundtrack, while not that exciting, has some decent bits to it. Graphically, the game is very impressive, offering excellent colors, textures, lighting effects, and environments while racing. While background images seemed a little underdeveloped, in general it was impressive. If you're looking for an authentic racing experience, and low riders are your thing, give this game a try. 

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Type Demo

Version 9.0

Size 165.77 MB

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