Luxor Evolved


Witness the Luxor saga evolution with Luxor Evolved!

Luxor Evolved is the latest edition of the Luxor games saga, and combines the best elements that any arcade game should have: excellent music, good sound effects, animations and vibrating colors.

How do you play Luxor Evolved?

This game is in the group of the entertaining titles such as Bubble Bobble or Zuma type, in which the objective is to free space by getting rid of items that have the same characteristics (for example, the same color).

The game is about a number of spheres grouped in different colors. These spheres move towards the famous Luxor pyramid, on a path that first spirals towards the center and then outwards.

When the spheres reach the pyramid you are lost, since it is your objective to avoid this from happening. To be victorious you’ll have to coordinate your actions and pay attention to the bonuses that appear in the chaos of the game.

You’ll have a device that shoots spheres in different colors and locates them in the rows of balls that go along this spiral. When you manage to combine three or more inthe same color, the spheres will disappear, freeing the way, and in consequence, keeping further threats away from the pyramid. Every now and then you’ll be able to shoot with different powers that will help you free the way towards Luxor.

Game features:

So far we haven’t mentioned anything about what makes Luxor Evolved different from any other game in this category. The reason for this is that what distinguishes this version is not the game logic, but the way it is presented.

Luxor Evolved has more references to the well-known casino game of the same name in Las Vegas than to the ancient Egyptian city to which it actually refers. The sounds remind of a spacecraft movie and the music will plunge you into a special frenetic environment to analyze the advance of the threatening color balls.

Besides, the colors that will give more life to your screen than any of the previous editions from Mumbo Jumbo Games, the company behind Luxor Evolved, are really outstanding. Start enjoying this fun frenzy of colors and music.

• Good effects in animations
• Good sounds
• Good graphics

• Nothing to report

Luxor Evolved limitations:
• Restricted features
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Type Shareware

Version 1.0

Size 418.34 kB

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