Disk management

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Disk Management - Utilities

With our free Disk Management programs for your PC, optimize your PC's performance in no time and make sure it's working at its best all the time. Programs include defragmenters, disk performance and analysis software, partitioners, disk mounters and more.

Free software downloads


fat32format logo fat32format is a trouble-free, fast and small formatting tool for Windows XP. If you...

Windows Freeware 22.95 kB

Compuapps SwissKnife

Compuapps SwissKnife logo Compuapps SwissKnife allows you to use Windows XP, Linux and MAC operating systems in...

Windows Freeware 2.86 MB

STG FolderPrint Plus

STG FolderPrint Plus logo STG FolderPrint Plus is a useful application that helps you print and visualize your...

Windows Shareware 8.62 MB

Hard Disk Sentinel Standard

Hard Disk Sentinel Standard logo Hard Disk Sentinel is a hard disk monitoring application that is capable of detecting...

Windows Shareware 19.17 MB

Hard Disk Sentinel Professional

Hard Disk Sentinel Professional logo Hard Disk Sentinel Professional is an interesting maintenance utility that will help...

Windows Shareware 19.49 MB


AssessTree logo The main function of this useful tool is to scan disks drives for large folders and...

Windows Freeware 62.09 kB


Vopt logo Vopt is a defragmenter which offers basic scheduling capabilities and has the ability...

Windows Shareware 3.54 MB

Diskeeper Home

Diskeeper Home logo File fragmentation is a natural occurrence that leads to slow performance, long...

Windows Shareware 1.22 kB

Acronis Disk Director Suite

Acronis Disk Director Suite logo Acronis Disk Director Suite is the best software utility to assist you with managing...

Windows Shareware 73.65 MB

Diskeeper Lite

Diskeeper Lite logo Diskeeper Lite is a free manual only version of Diskeeper. If you want to find out...

Windows Shareware 1.22 kB

mst Defrag

mst Defrag logo mst Defrag is a well-known defragmentation program for Windows that works in the...

Windows Shareware 2.57 MB

Partition Logic

Partition Logic logo Partition Logic is an efficient program that lets you easily partition your storage...

Windows Freeware 3.47 MB