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Adventure - Games

Discover our wonderful collection of Adventure games for your PC, all free to download. Explore amazing alien worlds, lead attacks against your enemies, solve mysteries and a lot more with this diverse selection, all available for free download.

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Reincarnations: The Awakening

Reincarnations: The Awakening logo Reincarnations: The Awakening is an excellent adventure game, in which you’ll play as...

Games Shareware

Robin's Quest: A Legend Born

Robin's Quest: A Legend Born logo Robin's Quest: A Legend Born is an adventure game in which you’ll rob the rich to...

Games Shareware

Dungeon Defense

Dungeon Defense logo Dungeon Defense is a Tower Defense and Action RPG hybrid game for the PC. It was...

Games Freeware 185.1 MB


Polynomial logo Polynomial is a three-dimensional space shooter using scientifically produced fractal...

Games Demo 339 B

Syberia II

Syberia II logo Syberia II is the sequel to the exciting and adventurous computer video game,...

Games Shareware 82.35 MB


Stendhal logo Want to improve your social status and become rich? Want to retain those riches and...

Games Freeware 8.5 MB

Barrow Hill

Barrow Hill logo Barrow Hill Demo is a preview of an upcoming computer game. The game runs in the...

Games Demo 723 B

Nuts & Scrap

Nuts & Scrap logo Save humanity from vengeful robots led by Setag in Nuts & Scraps. This fun platform...

Games Freeware 14.16 MB

Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth

Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth logo Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth is a thrilling and exhilarating computer...

Games Shareware 5.83 MB