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Adventure - Games

Discover our wonderful collection of Adventure games for your PC, all free to download. Explore amazing alien worlds, lead attacks against your enemies, solve mysteries and a lot more with this diverse selection, all available for free download.

Free software downloads

Uncharted Waters Online

Uncharted Waters Online logo Uncharted Waters Online is an online role-playing game set in the era of exploration,...

Games Freeware 230 B


Dreadout logo Dreadout is a PC terror game, developed by an Indonesian studio, that will make you...

Games Demo 506.27 MB

Reef Shot

Reef Shot logo Reef Shot is an adventure game that will take you to explore an underwater world in...

Games Demo 203.77 MB


Eleusis logo Live the mystery in Eleusis

Games Demo 39.22 MB

Tiny Thief

Tiny Thief logo Fulfill your medieval criminal desires in Tiny Thief!

Games Wallpapers 1.63 MB

Edna and Harvey New Eyes

Edna and Harvey New Eyes logo Edna and Harvey New Eyes is an adventure game in the point & click style, which will...

Games Demo 1.53 MB

Maldita Castilla

Maldita Castilla logo Maldita Castilla is an adventure game in which you’ll guide Don Ramiro while he goes...

Games Freeware 10.09 MB

The Book of Unwritten Tales

The Book of Unwritten Tales logo The Book of Unwritten Tales is an adventure game in which you’ll follow the story of...

Games Demo 1.59 MB

Epic Mickey 2

Epic Mickey 2 logo Epic Mickey 2 is an upcoming Adventure Platform game for PC

Games Wallpapers 1 MB


Reversion logo Reversion is a graphic adventure in the classic style. That means the user must go...

Games Freeware 253.98 MB

Secret Files 3

Secret Files 3 logo Secret Files 3 is the third release of the intriguing adventure saga of the same...

Games Demo 838.13 MB


Shad'O logo Shad'O is a game of the tower defense type, that has managed to stand out in its...

Games Demo 1.53 MB