Task Bar, Start Menu & Explorer

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Task Bar, Start Menu & Explorer – Utilities software

Take full control of your Windows desktop and Start menu by downloading our Task Bar, Start Menu & Explorer applications. Customize your desktop with this series of highly useful taskbars, user interfaces and many more tools to ensure that you engage with your PC as efficiently as possible.

Free software downloads


SideSlide logo Agility is a very valued feature when performing our daily work. To shorten distances...

Windows Freeware 362 B

OpenWith Enhanced

OpenWith Enhanced logo Customize the "Open With" context menu in Windows Explorer with this useful tool

Windows Freeware 565.42 kB


MiniBin logo Quickly access the recycle bin by installing this useful add-on

Windows Freeware 608 B

Microsoft Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio logo Microsoft’s official integrated development environment

Windows Shareware 208.89 kB

Classic Shell

Classic Shell logo Enjoy classic Windows features and include a startup menu

Windows Freeware 6.85 MB


ModernMix logo Run Metro applications on Windows desktop and determine the utilities' size

Windows Shareware 6.82 MB


Clarify logo Edit & share screenshots and add text and annotations

Windows Shareware 8.91 MB


Clover logo Adapt Windows to your needs and add browsing tabs

Windows Freeware 2.51 MB


Decor8 logo Decor8 is a utility with which you’ll be able to customize Windows 8 and change its...

Windows Shareware 38.17 MB

Pipy App

Pipy App logo Pipy App is a lightweight application designed to increase your productivity while...

Windows Freeware 9.15 kB

Moo0 RightClicker

Moo0 RightClicker logo Moo0 RightClicker is an application that will help you improve your context menu by...

Windows Shareware 482 B


WinNc logo WinNc is a powerful file manager that can support more than the standard...

Windows Shareware 13.93 MB