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Launchers - Utilities

Here you will find a variety of programs that help optimize your PC's performance at start-up and during normal operations. Embed macros into your PC's start-up processes, deal with multiple tasks simultaneously with load managers and much more with this great set of programs, all for free.

Free software downloads

Super Win Menu

Super Win Menu logo A complete software solution to improve your Start Menu in Windows

Windows Shareware 6.63 MB

AlomWare Reset

AlomWare Reset logo AlomWare Reset is the ideal program to perform quick and smart reboots without having to turn off and on your PC.

Windows Shareware 512.74 kB

LazyLoad (Site License (50 users).)

LazyLoad (Site License (50 users).) logo Lazy Load is a common design pattern used in computer programming where data is only...

Windows Shareware 1.87 MB

LazyLoad (Site License (100 users).)

LazyLoad (Site License (100 users).) logo Lazy Load is a jQuery plug-in written in JavaScript. It is a devise pattern commonly...

Windows Shareware 1.87 MB

LazyLoad (Family Pack.)

LazyLoad (Family Pack.) logo Managing your applications during start up is easy if you just use the right...

Windows Shareware 1.22 kB

Macro Mania

Macro Mania logo Macro Mania is software that automates a computer tasks with macros. Macro Mania...

Windows Shareware 8.8 MB