Chess and Checkers

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Chess and Checkers

Perfect your chess game with this wonderful set of free chess games for your PC, all free to download. Programs include training programs, allowing you to perfect your skills in a more structure environment and chess simulators, letting you take on tough CPUs or real players from across the world.

Free software downloads


Arasan logo Challenge a highly skilled virtual chess opponent in this excellent chess simulator game for PC.

Games Freeware 3.53 MB

Net Blitz II

Net Blitz II logo Play online against real opponents in this masterfully made chess simulator for your PC

Games Freeware 1.28 MB


Chessimo logo Learn to play chess based methodically through memorization and pattern repetition in this excellent chess game

Games Shareware 209 B


Thief logo Improve and perfect your chess skills with the challenging Thief!

Games Freeware 3.84 MB


Stockfish logo A worldy chess application ranked as one of the top engines for developers

Games Freeware 1.75 MB


AlphaChess logo AlphaChess is stimulating computer software that chronicles one of the most classic...

Games Freeware 747.19 kB


AjedrezNet logo AjedrezNet is a fun and stimulating application and an accurate representation of the...

Games Freeware 3.4 MB

Actual Checkers 2000

Actual Checkers 2000 logo Actual Checkers 2000 is a checkers game in which you’ll confront your PC and other...

Games Shareware 1.36 kB

Ultimate Checkers

Ultimate Checkers logo Ultimate Checkers is a wonderful game clone of the oldest board games in the world,...

Games Shareware 11.68 MB

Hotbabe Chess

Hotbabe Chess logo Playing a game of chess with a total eye candy, who would have thought? With Hotbabe...

Games Freeware 218 B

Mad Checkers

Mad Checkers logo Checkers is a fun game of skill that lots of people all over the world have enjoyed...

Games Shareware 1 MB

Mayura Chess Board

Mayura Chess Board logo Chess enthusiasts will surely enjoy Mayura Chess Board. This chess engine offers...

Games Freeware 1.22 kB