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Puzzle - Games

Test your puzzle-solving skills with this great set of Puzzle games for PC, all free to download. Our collection includes match-3 games, hidden object games, abstract puzzles, mystery adventure games and many more to get your brain engaged and solving increasingly difficult problems.

Free software downloads

Bloom Busters

Bloom Busters logo Help Jimmy and Jessie to save all the farms from hordes of monsters in this great strategy game!

Games Shareware 40.93 MB

Brain Booster

Brain Booster logo Train your brain with 8 different quizzes and improve your grade in this immersive puzzle game

Games Shareware 15.86 MB

Brickshooter Egypt

Brickshooter Egypt logo Restore the pyramids of Egypt in this engrossing Egyptian match-3 puzzle game for PC!

Games Shareware 8.41 MB

Bugatron Worlds

Bugatron Worlds logo Defeat hordes of space bugs in this epic Space Invaders-style shooter game for PC

Games Shareware 7.03 MB


Chocolatier logo Become a master chocolatier and sell chocolates worldwide in this exciting 19th century strategy game

Games Shareware

Crime Puzzle

Crime Puzzle logo Discover who stole Sir Dawson's stamps in this great match-3 puzzle game for PC

Games Shareware 12.61 MB

DROD Journey to Rooted Hold

DROD Journey to Rooted Hold logo Beethro delves into the rooted hold, a secret bureaucracy hidden beneath Dugan's castle - get ready for an adventure!

Games Shareware 24.62 MB

In-Poculis Mahjong

In-Poculis Mahjong logo Relive the magic of the ancient puzzle game Mahjong in this well-crafted tile-matching game for PC

Games Shareware 16.39 MB


Cogs logo Embrace a beautifully rendered Steampunk universe in this uniquely challenging sliding puzzle game!

Games Demo 83.36 MB


15-Puzzle logo Match numbers sequentially from 1 to 15 in as few moves as possible in this unique number puzzle game!

Games Freeware 1.52 MB

Sprill: Aqua Adventures

Sprill: Aqua Adventures logo Help Sprill match balls of many colors in this epic underwater adventure game

Games Shareware 2.27 MB


Strimko logo Immerse yourself in hundreds of increasingly challenging levels in this Sudoku-esque puzzler for PC

Games Shareware 65.14 MB