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Tetris - Games

Enjoyed Tetris as a kid? Relive the days of retro games with this great selection of Tetris-style games for your PC. Our games include both true copies of the original game as well as amazing remakes and updates. Try one of them now and see for yourself!

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Quadra logo Match groups of four blocks together in this classic Tetris-style puzzle game for PC

Games Freeware 1.22 kB

Digby s Donuts

Digby s Donuts logo Help Digby carry his donut franchise across the country in this amazing puzzle game for PC

Games Demo 7.7 MB


DUOtris logo An exhilirating Tetris and Match-3 mash-up with a twist: two mirrored boards, one block on each side!

Games Freeware


TetriStation logo Think you're a Tetris master? 6 game modes with squares, triangles and hexagons says you're wrong!

Games Shareware 300 B


QBZ logo QBZs love to journey in groups. They weep when they are left on the board. Moreover,...

Games Shareware 3.56 MB

Falling Block Game

Falling Block Game logo Play and enjoy this amazing game similar but more interesting than your favorite game...

Games Freeware 1.22 kB


Triptych logo A triptych is a work of art usually a panel painting which is divided into three...

Games Shareware 669 B


FloboPuyo logo FloboPuyo is a replica of the most popular PuyoPuyo. In this game, you will play...

Games Freeware 3.73 MB


Six-Trix logo Six-Trix offers you three different (and fun) ways to play your all-time favourite...

Games Shareware 1.44 MB

Tower of the Ancients

Tower of the Ancients logo Tower of the Ancients is a fun puzzle game which features amazing graphics and sound...

Games Demo 12.17 MB

Bubble FlyTrix

Bubble FlyTrix logo Have loads of fun with Bubble FlyTrix. This Tetris style arcade game treats you to...

Games Shareware 2.87 MB


FreeTetris logo The popular arcade game is back, with better graphics and quirky sound effects and a...

Games Shareware 3.36 MB