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Check out this selection of software for Companies and Professionals for your PC, all free to download. Programs include word processors, personal organizers, presentation applications and financial organizers.

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Inventoria logo Inventoria is a complete tool for creating inventories, ideal for professionals and...

Windows Shareware 729.55 kB

The iwrite.4.life system

The iwrite.4.life system logo The iwrite.4.life system is a complete text management utility, especially designed...

Windows Shareware 44.26 MB


CardWorks logo CardWorks is an original utility that lets you create business cards for companies...

Windows Shareware 830.07 kB

IMonitor EAM Professional

IMonitor EAM Professional logo IMonitor EAM Professional is a software for monitoring employees that allows...

Windows Shareware 15.79 MB

Express Invoice

Express Invoice logo Express Invoice is an interesting accounting management software, especially designed...

Windows Shareware 0.91 MB

WinPopup Express

WinPopup Express logo WinPopup Express is an interesting instant messaging program, especially designed for...

Windows Shareware 4.51 MB

Morae Observer

Morae Observer logo Morae Observer is the second module of the “Morae” suite market research package,...

Windows Demo 28.84 MB

Morae Recorder

Morae Recorder logo Morae Recorder is the first module of the entire “Morae” package, a market research...

Windows Shareware 33.55 MB

Morae Manager

Morae Manager logo Morae Manager is a market research tool, especially designed for companies and...

Windows Shareware 313.9 MB

PROMT Personal

PROMT Personal logo PROMT Personal is a complete translation program that helps you translate texts into...

Windows Shareware 156.74 MB

PROMT Professional

PROMT Professional logo PROMT Professional is a powerful translation program, especially designed for...

Windows Shareware 276.41 MB

PROMT Standard

PROMT Standard logo PROMT Standard is a complete translation software, ideal for people who frequently...

Windows Shareware 239.12 MB