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Arcade - Games

Satisfy all of your retro needs with this wonderful set of arcade games. Retro style graphics, linear gameplay, punishingly difficult settings, with everything from sidescrolling platformers to match-3 games. There's something for everyone here! Put on your 80s cap and start playing!

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Zuma's Revenge!

Zuma's Revenge! logo Zuma's Revenge is a time-limited puzzle game designed to test your color-matching skills

Games Demo 2 B

Zuma Deluxe

Zuma Deluxe logo Challenge your cleverness and skills in your leisure time

Games Shareware 12.31 MB

Dragon Ball Arcade

Dragon Ball Arcade logo Battle it out with your favorite characters from the Dragon Ball universe in this excellent fighter

Games Freeware 20.63 MB

Police: Destruction Street

Police: Destruction Street logo Want to relive the days of classic GTA? This game tries to do just that, with even more chaos

Games Demo 32.98 MB

Ernest Colt: Western Shooter

Ernest Colt: Western Shooter logo Keep the farmland safe from predators in this classic runner-style shooter game for PC

Games Demo 113.7 MB

Super Laser Racer

Super Laser Racer logo Battle it out with friends in a futuristic neon environment in this excellent combat racing game

Games Shareware 26.28 MB


Supercow logo Defeat the evil Professor Duriarti and rescue your livestock with an 'udderly' superpowered cow!

Games Demo

The Juicer

The Juicer logo Defend your farm from hordes of mutated fruits and vegetables in this addictive FPS game

Games Demo

Frogs in Love

Frogs in Love logo Leap across five ponds, play 13 unique mini-games, and win Jasmine's love in this unique pond-platformer

Games Demo

Frogs vs Storks

Frogs vs Storks logo Repel the evil storks to prevent your frogs from being eaten in this checkers-like puzzle game

Games Demo

Rabbit's Magic Adventures

Rabbit's Magic Adventures logo Help your rabbit recover his village from an evil wizard in this wonderfully colorful puzzle platformer

Games Demo

Banana Bugs

Banana Bugs logo A flying monkey bent on trapping hordes of bugs to save his bananas and his village - definitely original

Games Demo