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Maintenance logo Maintenance: managing the health of your Mac

Mac Freeware 10.54 MB


BBEdit logo BBEdit: the text editor for developers

Mac Shareware 14.04 MB


1Password logo 1Password: the app to protect your online passwords

Mac Shareware 46.39 MB


EtreCheck logo EtreCheck, Mac analysis for free

Mac Freeware 4.59 MB

A Better Finder Rename

A Better Finder Rename logo A Better Finder Rename, the app to make bulk name changes

Mac Shareware 7.2 MB


NameChanger logo NameChanger: an essential tool for those who work with sets of files

Mac Freeware 3.39 MB

Drive Genius

Drive Genius logo Drive Genius: to make always your Mac disks as efficient as the first day

Mac Shareware 64.98 MB

Yummy FTP

Yummy FTP logo Yummy FTP: a great option for those who need an advanced FTP

Mac Shareware 11.23 MB


LibreOffice logo LibreOffice, the office app you should have on your Mac

Mac Freeware 202.01 MB


DiskCatalogMaker logo Where are your files? May be you should ask DiskCatalogMaker

Mac Shareware 6.78 MB

El Capitan Cache Cleaner

El Capitan Cache Cleaner logo The Captain Cache Cleaner: all you need to make your Mac shine

Mac Shareware 58.4 MB

Garmin BaseCamp

Garmin BaseCamp logo Before you leave, prepare your GPS with Garmin BaseCamp

Mac Freeware 91.88 MB