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Development & Programming - Windows

Take a look at our generous selection of Development and Programming applications, all totally free. These include Java software (JDKs), graphics programs, P2P tools, text editors and many other programming related applications.

Free software downloads

Google Web Toolkit (GWT)

Google Web Toolkit (GWT) logo Google Web Toolkit (GWT)is an ideal tool for those users who wish to enter the world...

Windows Freeware 85.58 MB

Visual Studio Team System

Visual Studio Team System logo Develop software tools and create intelligent objects easily

Windows Freeware 2 GB


Notepad++ logo When it comes to programming, nothing beats the best editing tool out there

Windows Free (GPL) 4.07 MB

HxD Hex Editor

HxD Hex Editor logo Analyze and edit your files, block by block

Windows Freeware 876.63 kB

IntuiFace Composer

IntuiFace Composer logo IntuiFace Composer can create rich presentations with videos, websites, images, documents, maps and many other things

Windows Freeware 160.56 MB

Java SE Development Kit (JDK)

Java SE Development Kit (JDK) logo If you want to program in Java, go for the official tool

Windows Freeware 390.25 MB

Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

Java Runtime Environment (JRE) logo Java: the programming language that changed the way we see the internet

Windows Freeware 100.57 MB


DirectX logo DirectX, for the largest collection of multimedia APIs

Windows Freeware 95.63 MB

Speedy Report

Speedy Report logo Create SQL reports and manage databases in a simple and quick way

Windows Shareware 589.94 kB

Opus Pro

Opus Pro logo Create multimedia applications like flash games, learning materials or database interfaces

Windows Shareware 187.15 MB


Stencyl logo 2D game developing has never been easier

Windows Freeware 84.24 MB


WinEdt logo A breath of fresh air for text editors. Multi-lingual, multi-functional, endless customization options

Windows Shareware 8.34 MB