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Music - Education & Science - Home & Education

Strike the right chords with our excellent range of music-related educational programs. From instrument tutorials, auto-tuners, to full composing programs like Finale, satisfy all of your musical needs right here, all for free!

Free software downloads


ExpoSong logo Create song presentations by featuring lyrics and customized backgrounds

Windows Shareware 8.33 MB

Guitar Pro

Guitar Pro logo Become a music pro with Guitar Pro

Windows Shareware 142.47 MB

Finale 2012

Finale 2012 logo Compose, edit, print, and publish your own musical scores with Finale 2012

Windows Shareware 320.36 MB


Midillustrator logo Midillustrator is an extraordinary application that not only does it convert MIDI...

Windows Freeware 6.91 MB

Happy Note!

Happy Note! logo Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si, Do. How many times did you intend to tune during your...

Windows Freeware 527 B

GNU Solfege

GNU Solfege logo Do you want to learn basic notions of music? Do you want to improve your melodic,...

Windows Freeware 13.6 MB

ChordWizard Silver

ChordWizard Silver logo ChordWizard Silver is an interactive tool to learn to locate chords on the...

Windows Shareware 6.3 MB

String Instrument Tuner

String Instrument Tuner logo String Instrument Tuner is an apparatus for tuning the musical strings of a stringed...

Windows Shareware 0.98 MB

Ear and Memory Training

Ear and Memory Training logo Ear and Memory Training is a unique program that will surely help in developing your...

Windows Shareware 2.16 MB

How to play the guitar - Volume 3

How to play the guitar - Volume 3 logo Do you want to know techniques on playing the guitar? Well, this tool is perfect for...

Windows Shareware 1.2 MB

How to play the guitar - Volume 2

How to play the guitar - Volume 2 logo How to play the Guitar - Volume 2 is a sequel to the 1st volume developed by a...

Windows Shareware 3.19 MB

How to play the guitar - Volume 1

How to play the guitar - Volume 1 logo It’s never too late to learn to play the guitar with “How to Play the Guitar – Volume...

Windows Shareware 3.24 MB