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A large selection of Home and Education programs are available here to download for absolutely free. Browse through the variety of software that include mathematics, geographical, cooking, science and educational software as well as budgeting and other useful organiser programs

Free software downloads

Calculadora XXL

Calculadora XXL logo It frequently happens that we can solve an addition, a subtraction, a multiplication...

Windows Freeware 777.65 kB

Formulario Quimica

Formulario Quimica logo Was Chemistry the most difficult subject for you or the one you liked the least?...

Windows Shareware 2.45 kB

Formulario Ortografia

Formulario Ortografia logo Do you know when a word is paroxytone, oxytone or proparoxytone? When has a word an...

Windows Shareware 2.44 kB

Typer Shark

Typer Shark logo The speed with which you strike the keys of your computer is not only a distinctive...

Windows Shareware 5.43 MB


Midillustrator logo Midillustrator is an extraordinary application that not only does it convert MIDI...

Windows Freeware 6.91 MB

Math Studio

Math Studio logo ¿ Are Maths an unsurmountable obstacle in your studies? Well, you must not worry...

Windows Shareware 2.41 MB

Coloring book 8: Fairy tales

Coloring book 8: Fairy tales logo The eighth release of Coloring book is only at some clicks of the mouse. In this...

Windows Demo 1.83 MB

Estadisticas Baloncesto

Estadisticas Baloncesto logo If you are a basketball fanatic, you must have Estadísticas Baloncesto, an excellent...

Windows Shareware 0.92 MB

Happy Note!

Happy Note! logo Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si, Do. How many times did you intend to tune during your...

Windows Freeware 527 B

GNU Solfege

GNU Solfege logo Do you want to learn basic notions of music? Do you want to improve your melodic,...

Windows Freeware 13.6 MB

Save as WWF

Save as WWF logo Save as WWF is a software that lets you contribute to protect the environment....

Windows Shareware 6.74 MB


OkMap logo OkMap is a program that lets you create vector maps and export them to formats...

Windows Shareware 38.62 MB