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Audio Utilities - Audio & Video

Find all the best utilities for your audio and video software. Download excellent tools to let you do more with music or film files.

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Mixere logo Make mixes of your favorite songs with Mixere

Windows Freeware 1.22 kB

Alive WMA MP3 Recorder

Alive WMA MP3 Recorder logo With Alive WMA MP3 Recorder you can record sound from the computer

Windows Shareware 5.97 MB

Visual MP3 Splitter & Joiner

Visual MP3 Splitter & Joiner logo With Visual MP3 Splitter & Joiner you can join or separate audio files

Windows Shareware 2.52 MB

Virtual Audio Cable 4

Virtual Audio Cable 4 logo Virtual Audio Cable 4, transfer audio streams between applications or devices without losing any sound quality

Windows Shareware 217 B

iPod Access

iPod Access logo iPod Access, a practical program that lets you transfer limitless audio files between iPod and PC

Windows Shareware 3.07 MB

SRS Audio Sandbox

SRS Audio Sandbox logo SRS Audio Sandbox, power up the sound of your media players

Windows Shareware 1.19 kB

J. River Media Center

J. River Media Center logo J. River Media Center, a complete multimedia centre for getting the most from your favorite music and videos

Windows Shareware 25.83 MB


tunesBag logo Stream your songs saved in Dropbox from wherever you are

Windows Freeware 1.78 MB


Toastify logo Add more Spotify features like song notifications and keyboard shortcuts

Windows Freeware 441.53 kB

Media Finder for iTunes

Media Finder for iTunes logo Add music to iTunes easily and quickly without any effort

Windows Shareware 40.77 MB

DFX Audio Enhancer

DFX Audio Enhancer logo Maximum personalization for sound in every program with DFX Audio Enhancer

Windows Shareware 4.89 MB


Snooper logo Snooper is a "nosy" program that will record all sounds events that happen around your PC

Windows Shareware 12.19 MB