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Audio Codecs - Audio & Video

Looking for a simple way to decode digital audio streams? Browse our great selection of Audio Codecs right here, all free to download. Whether you want to encode or decode audio streams or convert files, this great range of programs has you covered.

Free software downloads

NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder

NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder logo Snappy and effective video decoder for NVIDIA cards

Windows Shareware 21.16 MB

All To MP3 Converter

All To MP3 Converter logo Converting MP3s is a breeze

Windows Shareware 20.76 MB

ACE Mega Codec Pack

ACE Mega Codec Pack logo A codec pack with all the key codecs (and much more)

Windows Freeware 309 B


AC3Filter logo The perfect codec for your AC3, Dolby Surround, and Dolby 5.1 files

Windows Freeware 3.99 MB


MediaCoder logo MediaCoder, change the format of audio and video files

Windows Freeware 69.74 MB

dBpowerAMP WMA Codec Release

dBpowerAMP WMA Codec Release logo dBpowerAMP WMA Codec Release, a useful plugin for dBpower Music Converter

Windows Freeware 405.67 kB


LAME logo LAME, essential encoder for converting files to MP3

Windows Freeware 1.38 MB

Vinyl Audio Codec

Vinyl Audio Codec logo Vinyl Audio Codec, play music tracks with this packed codec pack

Windows Freeware 315 B

dBpowerAMP Monkeys Audio Codec

dBpowerAMP Monkeys Audio Codec logo dBpowerAMP Monkeys Audio Codec is a powerful codecs system to convert audio files,...

Windows Freeware 1.58 MB

dBpowerAMP Ogg Vorbis Codec Release

dBpowerAMP Ogg Vorbis Codec Release logo Files that are in OGG format have been gaining popularity more and more. At first,...

Windows Freeware 3.78 MB

Windows Media Format 9 Runtime Files

Windows Media Format 9 Runtime Files logo Windows Media Format 9 Runtime Files consists of a set of Codecs designed mainly for...

Windows Freeware 4.06 MB

Microsoft Codec Installation Package

Microsoft Codec Installation Package logo Codec is a word blended from the two words – Compressor and Decompressor or Coder and...

Windows Freeware 1.22 kB