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Browse our great collection of Kids & Parenting programs and ensure that your children have the safest experience when using computers and/ or the internet. Programs include browser monitors, application blockers, schedulers and many more. Download them all for free here!

Free software downloads

FB Limiter

FB Limiter logo Block Facebook on your computer and limit its usage

Windows Freeware 11.86 MB


Qustodio logo Ensure your child’s safety when they surf the net with Qustodio

Windows Freeware 2.3 MB


PCVoz logo PCVoz is an accessibility tool designed to read out loud any text on your...

Windows Shareware 23.65 MB


Derive logo Get mathematical assistance and instant results with Derive

Windows Shareware 5.9 MB

Formulario Quimica

Formulario Quimica logo Was Chemistry the most difficult subject for you or the one you liked the least?...

Windows Shareware 2.45 kB

Formulario Ortografia

Formulario Ortografia logo Do you know when a word is paroxytone, oxytone or proparoxytone? When has a word an...

Windows Shareware 2.44 kB

ActivityMon Home/Family

ActivityMon Home/Family logo ActivityMon Home is a monitoring software that will let you know what happens on your...

Windows Shareware 12.5 MB


LUPC logo LUPC is a program for monitoring the computer. This tool organizes the schedules and...

Windows Shareware 6.17 MB

Creative Painter 2006

Creative Painter 2006 logo Creative Painter 2006 is a comprehensive painting program recommended to educate kids...

Windows Shareware 242 B

ABC Baby Piano

ABC Baby Piano logo Do your kids like to play on your keyboard? Tyring to lock your system every time you...

Windows Shareware 378 B

TestGIP Alumno

TestGIP Alumno logo TesyGIP Alumno is software for examination type test accomplishments with Annexes...

Windows Shareware 2.69 MB

Model ChemLab

Model ChemLab logo Model ChemLab is a chemistry laboratory simulation software for the classroom, the...

Windows Shareware 3.18 MB