Chloe Slye image Chloe Slye

Hi all! I'm Chloe!
I’m an art aficionado, technology enthusiast, a wannabe entrepreneur, animal lover, writer, crazed programmer, adrenaline junkie, thinker and music curator.
I frequently find myself watching episode after episode of series’ like Breaking Bad, and Grey’s Anatomy in my PJs with a cup of tea and lots of chocolate! But when I’m not on a complete and utter TV-binge, I sometimes like to run. Rain, hail or shine.
I love the digital and how we use it to extend ourselves to one another. We share information faster and simpler than ever before in hugely exciting new ways. As a follower of technology I love engaging with platforms of all types especially Twitter, SoundCloud, StumbleUpon, and Pinterest.
The best smartphone application has to be Shazam because, well in my opinion, it’s just cool! I’m addicted to Triple Town, and my favourite game of all time is Crash Bandicoot! I know, pretty retro.