Steam Mover

Steam Mover is a utility that lets users of the Steam gaming platform move the titles they download from the default folder to other locations.

The Steam platform makes it possible to purchase games through its store, which are downloaded to the user’s hard disk. These titles are stored in a default location on the C: drive, from where they connect to the online service. Unfortunately, if for any reason the user moves those contents to another folder, the connection breaks and the games stop working.

For this reason, Steam Mover was developed. This program makes it possible to transfer the Steam titles to other folders (even to external discs or memory cards), without breaking the link with the online platform.

Steam Mover is very simple to use; a few clicks are enough to start migrating the games. And although it has certain stability problems, it is an interesting tool for Steam users.
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Type Freeware

Version 0.1

Size 1.14 MB

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