Warning Forever


Warning Forever

Warning Forever is a spaceship game in which you’ll have to confront a number of challenging enemies in entertaining space battles.

This is a classic arcade title, with simple graphics, but very fun. The peculiarity is that you won’t have to fight innumerable waves of enemies, but only the enormous mothership. As you advance in the game, the difficulty will increase, so you’ll have to dodge shots with greater skill.

Each opponent is loaded with weapons, missiles, cannons and lasers that will ensure you a great challenge in order to avoid them. Besides, as you defeat more ships, your enemies will get stronger, more resistant and faster, therefore you’ll have to use all your ability and skill to defeat them.

Warning Forever is very lightweight, can be downloaded and installed quickly and doesn’t use excessive system resources. Although its graphics are simple and schematic, they are attractive, as are the sound effects.

• Large number of levels
• Various hours of continuous gameplay
• Intense action
• Doesn’t use a lot of resources

• Simple graphics
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Type Shareware

Version 1.07

Size 2.55 kB

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