Crysis is a first-person shooter (FPS) that represents a major change in the genre. Its high-quality graphics, its enthralling storyline and its comfortable playability make this title one of the classics of action games.

In Crysis you will have the possibility of controlling a special agent from an elite team that must investigate mysterious events on an island located to the south of the China Sea. To do this you will have a spectacular component, essential for your mission: a nano-suit, capable of extending your capacities for an improved adaptation to the environment.

This title will also give you access to a vast arsenal of weapons that you will have to use according to the situation you encounter. You will also have various vehicles available to move within the island’s hostile environment.

No need to say that this title will require all the resources you can provide, so you will need a powerful computer to experience the best of this game.


- High graphics quality
- Perfectly recreated environment
- Well-done storyline


- High use of system resources

Crysis limitations:

- First levels available
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Size 1.77 GB

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