Medal of Honor


Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor is one of the most popular first-person action games in the history of the genre, thanks to its combination of historical elements with a high dose of adrenaline. This new edition brings numerous modifications to the franchise’s traditional formula, which modernize the proposal of this classic game.

Medal of Honor leaves behind the emphasis on World War II to concentrate on a more current conflict: the Afghanistan war. Thus, you will be part of a group of specialists known as Tier 1 Operators, a highly trained team to carry out high-risk missions.

The most outstanding feature in this Medal of Honor is its realism. The missions are inspired on real stories as is the physics used in the title, the weapons and the vehicles. All this is supported by impressive graphics, which reconstruct the scenes up to the finest detail.

Likewise, the multiplayer mode will let you compete against other experienced players in different game modes.

Although Medal of Honor reminds a lot of similar titles and has no truly revolutionary elements, it is a title that gives what it promises: intense action.


- High degree of realism
- High image and audio quality
- Well-designed storyline


- Doesn’t include anything that is truly revolutionary for the genre
- High use of system resources

Medal of Honor limitations:

- Only some levels are available
- Restricted features
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Type Shareware

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