Cities XL


Cities XL

Cities XL is a simulation game in which you’ll build the city of your dreams up to the smallest detail. You’ll erect buildings, plan parks and walks, control traffic and city transportation and watch over the happiness of your inhabitants.

Cities XL is built upon the base of the classic SimCity and takes it further. Thus, you’ll enjoy a larger number of variables, like a more realistic economical system and a credible representation of an average population.

In any case, the most outstanding feature in this title is its graphic aspect. An incredible variety of terrains and maps have been recreated in 3D with great care. Mountains, beaches, islands, faults and other land forms will be available with their corresponding climates so that you can confront different challenges.

The contents launched by the company month after month deserve a separate mention; they considerably enhance the playing experience. But if this is not yet enough for you, then you should try the online mode, in which your city will be part of a planet full of other players. Thus, you’ll set up alliances and compete with users from all over the world.

Although Cities XL requires a powerful computer to run and the online mode requires a subscription, it is undoubtedly a worthwhile title.

• Can be expanded with complements
• Integrated online features
• High image and audio quality
• Multiplayer support

• Requires a very powerful computer

Cities XL limitations:
• Only some levels available
• Restricted features
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