Colin Mcrae Dirt


Colin Mcrae Dirt

Colin Mcrae Dirt is a car game in which you will be able to choose a large number of cars to race in a multitude of disciplines. This edition abandons the emphasis on rally and concentrates on other modes such as Rallycross, the CORR series and Climbing.

This openness in the racing modes also represents the inclusion of other types of vehicles that you will have to use according to the discipline and the circuit you are going to contest. Thus, you will have cars such as the Graeme Hawley Super Buggy, the Kenworth Escalada or the Toyota Tundra available in Colin Mcrae Dirt.

You will also have three main playing modes: Race, Championship and Rally World. You will even be able to compete with other users through the multiplayer mode, which lets you race in front of a total of 100 competitors.

Undoubtedly, Colin Mcrae Dirt is an appropriate option for lovers of speed.


- Various playing modes
- Inclusion of diverse disciplines
- Realistic graphics


- Limited multiplayer

Colin Mcrae Dirt limitations:

- Only some levels are available
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