Legend of mir 3


Legend of mir 3

Legend of mir 3 is a massive multiplayer game, located in a fantasy world with an oriental style. Your objective will be to become a renowned warrior.

Legend of mir 3 has three races to choose from when it comes to creating your character. First, the “Warriors” are characterized by force and constitution; they are specialists in melee combat and carry large-scale weapons. Second, the “Mages” are experts in attack at a distance with spells and have better possibilities of learning abilities. Third, the “Taoists” are a combination of both linages, so they are good both at melee combat and at casting spells at a distance.

For your first steps, the starting tutorial will be very useful to get familiarized with the controls and missions to fulfill. The first monsters won’t cause difficulties for your task, but while you advance it would be better to think about the correct way of improving your hero.

Its interface is simple and handy for the general development. In this sense, it is no different from other MMORPGs. Graphically it may fall short of certain current videogames, although its characteristics are distinctive.

Legend of mir 3 requirements:

- Registration on the official website
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Type Freeware

Version b2

Size 666.46 MB

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