Colin McRae DiRT 2


Colin McRae DiRT 2

Colin McRae DiRT 2 is a car game that recreates, with astounding fidelity, all sorts of competitions in international scenes. You will have cars appropriate for all sorts of challenges, from rally cars to large buggies and trophy trucks.

Colin McRae DiRT 2 will take you on a tour through Asia, Europe, Africa and North America, where you must show that you are the best driver of all. Whether you race alone or decide to compete against other players over the Internet, you will travel through spectacular, perfectly designed places.

This game has incredible graphics that realistically recreate even the finest aspect of each competition. It also includes a powerful damage system that will influence the way you drive.

Colin McRae DiRT 2 is an excellent race title, designed for the lover of speed you have inside.


- High-quality graphics
- Various game modes
- Wide range of cars from all disciplines
- Extended multiplayer mode


- Uses a lot of system resources

Colin McRae DiRT 2 limitations:

- Only some levels available
- Restricted features
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Type Demo

Version Demo

Size 1.32 GB

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