FIFA Manager 11


FIFA Manager 11

FIFA Manager 11 is a football game in which you will play the role of the manager of a professional team. Thus, you will have to take all necessary measures for your club to be successful.

In this title you must set up the best possible player lineup. You will have to set up tactics, go ahead with training and encourage your team during the games.

But in FIFA Manager 11 there is also space for other sorts of tasks: the relationship with the press, the improvements of the stadium, the selection of sponsors and the handling of transfers, among others.

Likewise, FIFA Manager 11 has modes that will give you the chance of becoming a football star or that will position you as an agent of professional football players.

Finally, this title is completed with an enormous player database, the most important leagues, the 3D simulation engine and various modes of online confrontation. Undoubtedly, lovers of the world’s most popular sport wouldn’t want to miss FIFA Manager 11.


- Wide availability of leagues, teams and players
- Various game modes
- Multiplayer support
- Infinity of statistics


- Generic simulator of encounters

FIFA Manager 11 limitations:

- Only some levels available
- Restricted features
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Type Demo

Version 11

Size 1 GB

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