Doras Carnival Adventure


Doras Carnival Adventure

Doras Carnival Adventure is an educational game developed by Nickelodeon, in which Dora the Explorer will take your children on a magical and touching adventure.

In this game, the children will go through an amusement park with Dora, her companion, the monkey “Boots” and all of her friends. Thus, you’ll participate in entertaining and didactic games to get prizes. At the beginning of the game, your children can choose a customized treasure chest to save their rewards there, which they will get along the game.

In Doras Carnival Adventure the children will not only have fun for hours, they will also learn important abilities. With this title’s minigames, the children will practice abilities to count, exercise their memory and improve their coordination, among other things.

To top it off, the game presents colorful graphics and an attractive soundtrack, as well as all the dear characters from “Dora, the Explorer”, which your children will love.

• Colorful graphics
• Didactic games
• Especially designed for children

• Nothing to report

Doras Carnival Adventure limitations:
• Restricted features
• Limited time use
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Type Shareware

Version 1.0

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