Project Aftermath


Project Aftermath

Project Aftermath is an interesting real-time strategy game. In this title you’ll control the Morphid army, which must destroy the New Order, a race that is razing everything it encounters.

The action is set in varied sceneries, in which different challenges will appear that you’ll have to overcome: conquer terrain, eliminate your enemies and save prisoners. Besides, during the game you’ll find valuable hidden items and new bonuses to improve your performance.

One of the novelties in Project Aftermath is that you’ll be in charge of up to four different armies, each one of them with specific abilities that you’ll have to bear in mind when it comes to deciding how to complete a mission. Besides, you’ll have more than 100 types of weapons that you’ll be able to combine as you like. But be careful: ammunition is grouped in four damage classes, identified by color, and if you use a weapon against an object that has a different color, your attack will have no effect.

Project Aftermath has 30 missions to complete and more than 90 achievements to get. If you are a fan of real-time strategy games and are interested in an adventure with a lot of action, this game is for you.

• Various hour of continuous playing
• Wide range of options
• Controls are easy to use
• Built-in online functions

• Storyline is not very original
• Low-quality graphics

Project Aftermath limitations:
• Restricted features
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Type Demo

Version 1.19

Size 2 B

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