Evochron Renegades


Evochron Renegades

Evochron Renegades is an interesting flight simulator in which you’ll move around with your ship around the entire Universe, completing objectives.

In this title you’ll have the freedom to explore all the immensity of space; you’ll be able to move wherever you want to and choose the missions you want to complete. Besides, you’ll be able to adopt different characters and thus choose your destination and your challenges.

In Evochron Renegades you have the possibility to be a race driver, manage a business, do mining, convert into a pirate or simply be an explorer of planets and galaxies. As you advance in the game, you’ll encounter curious characters and you’ll start to earn money, accumulate merchandise or acquire ships. Besides, you’ll learn important secrets that will help you improve the management of your resources.

Evochron Renegades offers three game modes: training, individual and multiplayer. One of its peculiarities is that all objects or treasures that you accumulate in any of the modes will later help you if you start a game with any of the other two.

Finally, the title has impressive 3D graphics, with a single great scenery; you don’t have to change from screen to screen, rather you can quickly fly back wherever you choose to.

• Various game modes
• Excellent 3D graphics quality
• Intense action
• Multiplayer support

• Features are complex for the average user
• Storyline is not very original

Evochron Renegades limitations:
• 90-minute trial
• Restricted features
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Type Demo

Version 1.9

Size 2 B

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