Tarr Chronicles


Tarr Chronicles

Tarr Chronicles is an flight simulation game set in the immensity of space. Your main objective will be to care for your team and help it survive.

In this title you’ll be a human pilot immersed in an enormous war in space, and you’ll have to confront any fleet you encounter. Thus, you’ll go through different sceneries and advance through the levels, that will present you with new challenges, different types of attacks and new enemies. You’ll have to be intelligent and think about the best way to destroy your opponents, considering the speed, strength, distance and type of weapon you use. Thus, you’ll be able to generate ingenious attack tactics and dodge the enemy’s shots.

Tarr Chronicles is characterized by its 3D graphics that have an excellent quality, its detailed sceneries and a very attractive sound. Besides, the game has a large number of options that will let you customize your ship to your liking: you’ll be able to change the size, shape, colors, weapons and functions. The title even includes an editor to let you create your own intergalactic spaceship.

• Various hours of continuous playing
• High-quality graphics
• Very detailed sceneries
• Wide range of options

• Action can be repetitive
• Includes no multiplayer mode

Tarr Chronicles limitations
• Restricted features
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Type Demo

Version 1.1

Size 2 B

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