Poker Night at the Inventory


Poker Night at the Inventory

Poker Night at the Inventory is an original card game in which you’ll encounter curious characters that will be familiar to you, from other adventures.

In this title you’ll sit at a poker table with four peculiar characters from other videogames: Tycho, The Heavy, Max and Strong Bad. Thus, you’ll start playing hands of Texas Hold’em and try to get the best combinations to collect money and get to the first place. The players that don’t have any chips left to bet will be eliminated, and finally only two will dispute the victory.

Apart from the classic card games, Poker Night at the Inventory includes entertaining conversations and witticisms that give the game a good dose of humor and irony. On the other hand, it offers graphics in excellent quality and resolution, as well as very good sound elements. The combination of all these features makes you feel that each of the characters is in the environment of its original title. Finally, the application has the possibility of saving the games to let you consult them whenever you want.

• Well-designed game dynamics
• High image quality
• Excellent gameplay
• Interesting humor facet

• Difficulty level is not very challenging
• Includes no multiplayer mode

Poker Night at the Inventory limitations:
• Limited time use
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Type Demo

Version 1.0

Size 243.98 MB

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