Mozilla Firefox Aurora


Mozilla Firefox Aurora

Mozilla Firefox Aurora is a preliminary version of the popular Web browser. With it, you’ll take a look at the features that will be included in the software’s future editions and you’ll even help develop and improve the final product.

Due to its open and cooperative nature, the Mozilla company has decided to make this alpha version of its ensign browser available to users. Thus, Mozilla Firefox Aurora will show you the new features that can be part of the product once the edition becomes stable.

It is important to note that Mozilla Firefox Aurora presents a great instability, a characteristic that is to be expected in a product under development. Therefore this browser is only recommended for those users who are curious about what the future holds in stock or for those who want to collaborate in its development.

Are you one of them? Then take a look at what Firefox has reserved for you!

• Novel features and tools
• Makes it possible to help in the final product’s development

• Stability problems
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Type Freeware

Version 9.0a2

Size 372 B

Other versions

9.0a2 8.0a2 5.0a2 (English)