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Enjoy and share your Facebook videos on a range of different programs

Facebook Video allows you to download or convert Facebook videos and embed them outside of Facebook.

Facebook Video is an add-on for the browser Mozilla Firefox. The largest social networking site in the world has repeatedly denied its users the option of downloading or using Facebook videos outside of Facebook so this clever little application allows you to do this without experiencing any problems.

Once downloaded and running the Facebook Video application works when you enter Facebook video pages. A neat and unobtrusive menu box pops up to the right of the video. The menu presents you with the options of downloading or converting the video. This also offers you the embed code of the video and its public link.

Once the download is clicked you are connected to a link to the video file. If you would like to convert the video the process is a bit long and slightly annoying! Once you choose that you want to convert the video you are transported to Zamzar.com where you can choose from various video formats to convert to. A link is then sent to via email so you can proceed with the conversion when you access your email and click the link.

Facebook Video also offers a Customize Code option that allows you to change the resolution of the embed code. Once you click update you can immediately see the results of your changes.

Facebook Video provides you with an easy and convenient way to save, convert and share your favorite videos.


• Allows you to download Facebook videos
• Easy to use.


• Converter files is a bit longwinded.
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Type Freeware

Version 2.1.7

Size 10.19 kB

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