Zombie Driver


Zombie Driver

Zombie Driver is a violent action game that will put you behind the steering wheel of all sorts of cars with a single mission: to clean the city from a zombie horde that infested Earth.

The game is quite simple, you just drive carelessly any car you find (or that is actually given to you) and kill all the undead that infest the streets of the chaotic cities.

The best of Micro Machines combined with Carmageddon

Zombie Driver proposes a very interesting game system, characterized by its simple controls, which remind of Micro Machines, the classic miniature car game. You only need the arrow keys and the hand brake. Now, add a shooting weapon to these small cars, and the violence of the controversial Carmageddon. The result is a brutal game to drive over zombies, shoot right and left and fill the screen with gore.

In this Zombie Driver demo you’ll be able to play the first part of the city for free and go through it with the first of the six available cars (although with a cheat you’ll get a hidden one). It has a single mission - getting to different places. But be careful when driving at low speeds sincethe demonic bloodthirsty creatures will get through your windows and destroy the car.

The graphics are quite detailed and the music complements the addiction to achieve long hours of playing. Enjoy this PC version of Zombie Driver.

• Highly addictive
• Simple controls
• Very detailed graphics

• The vertical camera is annoying

Zombie Driver limitations:
• First level available
• Restricted features
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Type Shareware

Version Demo

Size 404.37 MB

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